Andrea Saemann & Katrin Grögel: "Performance Saga: Encounters with Women Pioneers of Performance Art" (2007)

Andrea Saemann & Katrin Grögel
Performance Saga:
Encounters with Women Pioneers of Performance Art
Interviews 01-08 (Excerpts)
7 minutes

Performance Saga transmits and updates the history of Performance Art on many different levels and promotes a dialogue between the generations. The project includes the conception and realization of performance pieces, the publication of video interviews and the planning of events.

The DVD-Edition presents video interviews of eight American and European women pioneers of Performance Art. The artists, now between 63 and 74 years old, played an important part in the 1960s and 1970s in establishing and developing this, at the time, new art form. They were interviewed for Performance Saga by Andrea Saemann and the artist Chris Regn (b. 1964, co-director of the Hamburg archive «bildwechsel—dachverband für frauen/medien/kultur»).

In this dialogue between artists, the first women performers talk about their work and the conditions under which it arose, giving glimpses into how they think and position themselves. The Edition provides an informative and accessible introduction to the study of Performance Art and offers keys to understanding how it came into being.

The DVD-Edition includes interviews with Esther Ferrer, Valie Export, Monika Günther, Joan Jonas, Alison Knowles, Ulrike Rosenbach, Martha Rosler and Carolee Schneemann.

The DVD-Edition was edited by Andrea Saemann and Katrin Grögel. Edition fink – Verlag für zeitgenössische Kunst.

Performance Saga is a project by the artist Andrea Saemann (b. 1962) and the art historian Katin Grögel (b. 1970). Both live and work in Basel, Switzerland.

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