Yingmei Duan: "Friend" (2003)

Yingmei Duan

I come from China, which has a very different culture. There is no sex education in the school system. Before I was 21 years old, I really knew nothing about sex and I had never even spoken the word. I had a lot of questions in my mind at that time, for example: “ Why does a woman become pregnant?”, “ Where do I come from?”, …This obtained until the day a girlfriend asked me what I knew about sex. I have been very busy since that day.

In summer a naked man stands in a large field. He is looking ahead. There is a very beautiful bird sound in the field and a big sun, sometimes there is wind. I appear in the distance and approach the man. At first the public is unsure what to do since I am so far away. With time, the viewer sees that I’m wearing a pink dress and big glasses. I am looking for something with a magnifying glass and go stealthily towards the man. Although reticent at first, I am very curious about the penis and check it thoroughly through the magnifying glass. After I have finished my intensive studies of the penis, I leave thoughtfully.

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