Irene Loughlin: "Grieving/separated from Ayles Ice Shelf" (2007)

Irene Loughlin
Grieving/separated from Ayles Ice Shelf

Realizada en el marco del evento
"ZONADEARTENACCION: Cuerpo Real, Tiempo Real"
Organizado por Gabriela Alonso y Nelda Ramos
Escuela de Arte de Berisso
La Plata, Argentina

The performance "Grieving/separated from Ayles Ice Shelf" is an interdisciplinary work based on the recent separation of the Ayles Ice Shelf, which separated from an island near the North Pole in 2006. The work relays some of the frustration and futility felt by the individual body when facing the fact of global warming and its consequences. Throughout the world, the effects of violence, economic disparity and globalization have caused massive migration and the forced movement of populations. Similarly, movements of tectonic plates and unusual weather ruminations have been initiated by global warming. In this performance art work the individual body interacts with materials and objects related to the separation and migration of the Ayles Ice Shelf.

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