He Yung Chang: Touring Round Great Britain With A Rock (Durational Performance 2006-2007)

He Yung Chang
Touring Round Great Britain With A Rock

a major new live performance by
china's leading performance artist

24 september 2006 - 14 january 2007
starting at rock, northumberland, uk

Beijing based artist He Yun Chang is amongst the most important artists presently working in China, creating unique solo performances in which he has placed exceptional physical demands upon himself both in terms of his strength and endurance. These works, mostly performed in public though occasionally only observed by a camera operator, have astounded audiences with their simple ambition combined with the difficulty of their implementation and, ultimately, their apparent futility.

Touring Round Great Britain With A Rock is He Yun Chang's most challenging and ambitious performance to date and it is set to become a landmark project in the history of durational performance art. Starting from Rock, in Northumberland, he will walk to the nearby coast at Boulmer where he will select a rock and set off to carry it around the island of Great Britain in a counter clockwise direction, eventually to return the rock to the precise location from where it was taken. The route is a rough circumnavigation of Great Britain, rather than following the precise coastline, a distance of over 2000 miles and will take around 110 days.

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